Why Iyengar Yoga?

The study of the physical postures along with the spiritual depth of the Iyengar Yoga practice was a perfect fit for Tom. Along the way he discovered that when this practice is allowed to percolate for a number of years, transformation takes place deeply within the practitioner. The whole process of practice and study leading to a change within made sense to Tom.

Tom was amazed by his practice and study of BKS Iyengar's Yoga. Iyengar's use of the asanas (physical postures) and the pranayamas (breath control) as objects of meditation seemed natural and aligning for Tom. One of the most impressive things he has come to realize about Iyengar Yoga is its ability to heal people - and not just a temporary fix but an everlasting understanding about where that problem came from.

The style of Iyengar Yoga is innovative in the use of props to help people who have a difficult time achieving the final posture reach proper alignment. This deep, personal exploration of the asanas has led students and practitioners of Iyengar Yoga to greater understanding of their connection to this classical yoga practice.


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